Trans Resources for Questioning People

Being transgender and scared does not mean you are cisgender. It is absolutely reasonable to be scared when you are questioning your gender and believe you are transgender, but that doesn’t mean you are cisgender. Don’t think you are the only trans person out there who is scared, you are not, it’s very common.

Having doubts is normal. This is a big, life changing decision that does not come without risks, so of course you will be unsure if this is the right thing to do. However try not to get too caught up in the dumb excuses as to why you are not transgender. The simplest explanation is most likely the right one.

Just because you think you might not be able to pass, or only want to transition if you will pass doesn’t make you cisgender. And not all transgender people do want to pass as male for female (such as non-binary people, not all, but some).

Never assume all transgender people feel a certain way, or that your narrative is 100% unique and all transgender people do not feel the way you do. So many people seem to think this, but it’s not true.

You are not delusional, you are not making this all up in your head for attention, and you are not making yourself feel this way. You would know if you were doing this for attention or forcing yourself to feel this way.

You do not need to experience gender dysphoria to be transgender. Gender euphoria is a thing too. If you just feel as if you would prefer to be another gender, but being the one you were assigned at birth does not bother you, that is perfectly alright.

You can realize you are transgender at any age. It’s not any less valid at any other age.

You can be non-binary and still want to start HRT.

Not minding having the sex organs you were born with does not make you “less” trans.

Mostly sure about your gender identity is close enough. It’s very hard to be completely sure without taking any steps, and even then its normal to have doubts.

Don’t confuse sexual orientation with gender identity. And gender identity with gender presentation.

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